The Rower is packaged in two boxes. Two packages may not come at the same time. Two boxes dimensions: 28.7x22.8x20.1 inch/ 50lbs; 85*7.1*5.7 inch/ 22lbs
You can find the water level gauge on the side of the tank. The maximum level for filling the tank is level 19. It is suggested that the water level is no more than the center of the chamber.
The more water you put in, the more resistance you will get.
*Please note that if the water level is more than the center line of the tank (exceed level 19), the tank will leak when storing away up right.
Open the tank and use the water pump to fill in and empty out water. We have included an electric water pump for every customer, Just charged it and press the switch.
No tablets coming with the rower, you could add waterpurification tablets every 6 months to prevent mold and smell. We will offer free tablets supply for you after you register in future. If water discoloration occurs, add a purification tablet immediately. If the water does not clear, we recommend emptying the tank and change the water, flushing it out with clean water, and refilling, adding a purification tablet. Never use chlorine bleach in the tank as this will irreparably damage the polycarbonate tank.
No need to empty the tank and the water will not spill out. But water should be no more than the max level line,( approximately half volume of the tank), or the water will leak out.
No, the wheels are made of plastic material, and the friction with the ground is small, leaving no trace.
The more water you add, the more resistance you will get.
Not loud at all. The water makes a quiet swishing noise to make you feel like you’re on water.
It works fine for most of the people, should be ok about 7 feet.
It's super easy to assemble. Check the User Manual and assemble video on jones-sport.com.
Download the iConsole app from app store or google play, authorize and apply the Bluetooth function to the iConsole app, then connect the machine to your phone. Check instruction of Connect Monitor.
You could contact service team and buy replacement at our website.
We provide 365 days warranty on the unit. Please register your warranty on our website.
It can be returned within 30 days of receiving as long as it's returned in unused condition and in its original packaging.
Please check the instruction book Page 7 and Step 4 for assembling footboard.
Position the footboard on the rails with the top 2 holes aligned with 2 threaded holes in the tank. Fix the two stopper with the screws "C" as shown and then fix the foot board on the rails with screws "A". If you experience any problems with aligning the components, slightly lose all existing connections, align correctly and re-righten.
Please insert screw C on the top into the water tank first, and then leverage the footboard in and tighten screws A. Please check assemble footboard on our website.
Installation & operation.
1. Fix the metal tube onto the pump by inserting the straight end of the tube into the hole.
2. Connect the silicone hose at the bottom of the pump and make sure it is inserted firmly to aviod air leakage.
3. Charge the built-in battery with USD charger till the charging indicator turns off.
4. To fill the tank, insert the metal tube through the inlet/outlet on the water tank and hose inside the water bucket. Then click the ON/OFF button to start/ stop pumping water.
5. To empty the tank, insert the pipe throught the inlet/ outlet ont he water tank and the metal tube inside the water bucket. Then click ON/OFF button to start/ stop pumping water.
Please see the guidance picture.